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Make Life Easier With Entryway Tech!

With the rise of smart tech over the last few years, homeowners are becoming more aware of having that extra level of security and ease of use at the access point of their homes. If you have yet to make the leap into entryway tech, here is a guide to making the access point to your home smart and fully automated.

Ring Vs Nest Doorbells:

Video doorbells have quickly become a mainstay for smart home technology and overall security. Not only are they a theft deterrent, but these video doorbells also bring a level of convenience to your daily life. From not having to get up from the couch to answer the solicitor on your front steps, being able to see if packages were delivered, and peace of mind when on vacation, the case is strong for having one of these at home. Now the question becomes, which one is right for you?


You truly can't go wrong with either of these doorbell brands and for the massive scale they have grown to, the majority of user difficulties have been worked out by Ring and Google. Some of the main perks that both options offer are:

1) No long term contracts

2) Easy integration with the rest of your smart tech

3) Straightforward installation and maintenance

Where they Separate:

To keep it simple, the deciding factor should be picking which one aligns best with the other tech you have, or if you are starting your home tech journey from scratch, which ecosystem is most appealing. Given the vast differences between Google Nests and Amazon Alexa assistants/hubs, this should be your main priority when choosing the doorbell for you.

Smart Locks:

Once you use a smart lock for the first time, the immediate question you'll ask yourself is how you've lived without it. The simple yet robust functionality of these locks adds tremendous simplification to your home access.

Be it letting in a babysitter, housecleaner, or neighbor while you're away at work without the hassle of leaving behind an extra key, or allowing you to say goodbye to the "Did I lock the door?" panic, smart locks are an upgrade that everyone should consider.

August Lock

The August brand lock (pictured above) is feature-rich with the most appealing aspects being the ability to control the device from anywhere, set access schedules, permit people temporary and permanent access, and most importantly August locks mount over your existing deadbolt, allowing you to pick your own hardware and not have to get your locks re-keyed. August separates itself with two distinct features. The first is Smart Sense, a sensor that can tell whether your door is fully shut or not. The second is Auto-Unlock - August's ability to learn your schedule so that the door unlocks as you arrive.

Yale Lock

The Yale lock takes a different look and approach with its selling point being keyless/keypad entry. They definitely have the leg up aesthetically but don't have the robust features like auto-unlock and smart sense. However, it does have a feature called away mode, in which the door auto-locks when it detects you're not around.

Smart Bins For Package and Grocery Security:

Last on our list is a smart delivery bin that will make package theft/security a thing of the past. These smart bins allow easy control for remotely locking and unlocking the bin in case of deliveries. It can be unlocked via keypad and will send you notifications when the package arrives, all this in addition to insulation options for keeping grocery and meal kit deliveries cool

We hope these tips can help you get the entryway to your home a little more tech-savvy! Just a few of these items go a long way in making your home and packages more secure, deterring theft, and being able to seamlessly control access to your home.

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