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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Why this revolutionary sound system has skyrocketed in popularity and everything you need to know to kickstart SONOS in your home.

A Long-Overdue Solution to a Household Problem

Home audio can be a wonderful tool to transform the feeling and entertainment value of your home. From chore day to large parties, it serves as a versatile tool to enhance your living experience. Recognizing this, SONOS developed an ecosystem to capitalize on the value that home audio offers to their consumers. Things like Bluetooth range, independent room control, streaming platform compatibility, ease of use, and speaker durability are just a few of the common setbacks with traditional whole home audio. Detailed in the following paragraphs are SONOS solutions, and ultimately why we utilize their products for most of our home audio solutions.

WIFI Connectivity and Mesh Networks

Bluetooth range can quickly become a thorn in your side, especially when moving about your home. Static audio and disconnections are problems of the past when speakers are connected via a mesh-based network. This allows for much more wiggle room with speaker range and creates a seamless audio experience. A unique feature with the mesh network aspect of SONOS is, unlike streaming music from your device to a speaker, once audio is selected (lets say from Spotify) the music is uploaded to the SONOS network, allowing you to close the app while music still plays. SONOS' interface allows seamless control for individual zones throughout your home or business, also offering products to integrate existing audio systems allowing your current setup to work on the SONOS ecosystem. These zones can be divided up however you'd like, (zones such as "patio, Living Room, or Kitchen"). With this, there's so much more control and ease of use over where music is played. SONOS is more costly up front, but the user interface is hard to beat.


Built on user-friendliness and compatibility with all your favorite streaming platforms, the SONOS app has everything you need to play and control your music. Lets say you don't want to use the SONOS app to control your music: You can play your audio directly from streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music and think of the SONOS app as more of a back end, control system. Use the SONOS app to link what rooms or zones you would like music to play out of, close the app then open up your streaming service and play your music like normal. Whether it's under "Air Play" or "More Devices", the groups you just created using the SONOS app should appear. Select the grouped zone and enjoy.

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