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Using Smart Home Tech to Throw the Ultimate Superbowl Party:

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

An over-the-top yet thorough list of items you could need to throw a Super Bowl party that shows your embrace of 21st-century technology.

Starting From the Outside: Smart Doorbells

Don't miss a minute of Joey B stealing the show this weekend by having to get up and open the door for your guests. Utilizing a video doorbell from companies like Ring or Google will allow you to see the lovely faces at your doorstep, from there you simply utilize the amazing technology of a smart lock from companies such as August to unlock the door without getting up. How's that for not missing a minute of the action? This functionality is also fantastic for keeping your home secure and allowing remote access at all times. No more needing to keep track of duplicate keys!

Pregame: Set the mood with Sonos

Whether your pregame ritual is foundation-shaking Metallica and an endless supply of Coors Light or some soft Jazz and a glass of red wine, Sonos has the flexibility to accommodate for both atmospheres with their dynamic speakers. Don't want the pressure of being the DJ? Simply have anyone of your guests connect to wifi and they can seamlessly connect to any one of your Sonos speakers. There isn't even a requirement to download the app to play music - it couldn't be simpler. Throwing a larger party and need music in multiple rooms or even outside? Sonos' intelligent sound mapping makes it so that there are no delays, echos, or timing problems between speakers, so it's the same audio experience in every room.

Short Throw Projectors: A Theatre-Like Experience

Home projectors are an amazing way to take movie night and gameday up a few notches. While traditional projectors can often be big, bullky, and need a large room length to display picture, short-throw/ultra-short-throw projectors are finally being recognized for their solutions to these issues. These sit just inches away from your screen and can be easily placed and set up on a TV cabinet. Discrete and of phenomenal quality, these projectors will have you watching the game in a quality like you've never seen.

Phillips Hue: Your Most Immersive Smart Lights

Intelligently drawing upon the colors displayed by your TV, Phillips Hue light strips project the colors of each scene across your viewing space. While it will add a nice touch for game day, it looks even better at night. Coupled with your favorite scary movie and you'll feel like you're a part of the scene.

We hope these tech tips can help you make game day more enjoyable and immersive! Properly implemented they'll make your entertainment experience better than ever and will be sure to impress friends and family. Reach out with any questions you have about implementing this system!

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